The Non-Genetics of Cancer

A clarifying poll from a couple UK organizations I’ve never heard of - Cancerbackup and Genes Reunited - shows that the overwhelming preponderance of people (in the UK, at least) think that cancer is largely hereditiary/genetic. In fact, this story says, 90 percent of cancers are entirely random. The biggest risk factor for cancer is not family history, as 60 percent of those polled believe, but age.

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  1. ramunas Says:

    “All cancer is genetic, but some cancers are more genetic than others” as G. Orwell once aid…:)
    I would seriously doubt that family history couldn’t be important risk factor - here is an excerpt from
    Although reproductive, demographic, and lifestyle factors affect risk of ovarian cancer, the single greatest ovarian cancer risk factor is a family history of the disease. A large meta-analysis of 15 published studies estimated an odds ratio (OR) of 3.1 for the risk of ovarian cancer associated with at least one first-degree relative with ovarian cancer.

  2. Hereditary Cancer Public Perception | Cancerbackup « Says:

    […] genetic factors play an important role in causing cancer, therefore arrgueing that most cancer is non - genetic can be confusive both for public and other health care providers. “All cancer is genetic but […]

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