About Epidemix

Epidemix is a blog by Thomas Goetz, the deputy editor of Wired Magazine.

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The Purpose of Epidemix: This blog is a place where I jot down observations about health, technology, media, and medicine. It’s a public notepad. Sometimes I hope these observations are profound and draw interest from a wide audience, but typically they’re just ideas on various themes I’m thinking about. These themes include genomics, data, openness, eradication of disease (both the idea and the effort), predicition, decision-making, antibiotic resistance, fortified food, and early detection.

My Background: I’ve been a journalist for more than 15 years, first reporting on media and business at the Village Voice, then at the Wall Street Journal, followed by a crazed two years at the Industry Standard. I’ve been at Wired since 2001. My job there is to run special projects and oversee all editorial efforts. Informally, you could say my job is to be a trend spotter or zeitgeist watcher, and to help the magazine covey these ideas that matter to our readers.

I also write about science, health and medicine. In 2005 this led me back to school, and I picked up a Master of Public Health degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Public health is an incredibly broad field, covering everything from global health to community health to Medicare to pharmaceuticals. Generally, I use it as a tool to frame the contexts of health and medicine – how will medicine be deployed to X population and how might it improve health? Like any journalist, my expertise is less important than my ability to absorb and translate ideas.