The Gene Collector: George Church & the Personal Genome Project

My latest story in Wired, a profile of geneticist George Church, is in the August issue, now on the stands (and online here).

In some regard, it’s a follow-up to my previous story on personal genomics. But it is really my effort to shine the light on one person who’s doing so much to propell us towards the future of genomics. Church is frighteningly intelligent, yet notably calm and kind (and generous with his time, explaining for me, for instance, the principles of synthetic biology again and again until some of it got through).

It was great fun talking with him and reporting the story. My hope is it helps people understand the ambitions and potential of personal genomics, if pursued on a massive scientific scale.

Published by: tgoetz on July 22nd, 2008 | Filed under Genome, Self Promotion

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